The repeat photography in this book has provided us a view of northwest Yunnan across space and time. It is the time dimension that makes repeat photography unique. We have seen that during the past century, at least, northwest Yunnan has not been the static utopia of James Hilton’s fictional Shangri-La. As always, change is […]

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Glacier and forest climate in Shangri-La

Nitong Village Roofs, Deqin County Retreating glaciers can have impacts on communities, such as water supply and landslide hazards; however, illustrated here is a more direct effect of changing climate. It is also a great example of how societies adapt to changes in their physical environment. Nitong village lies along the Lancang River at the […]

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Glacier climate in Shangri-La

Glaciers of Khawa Karpo, Deqin County The mountain scenery of the Khawa Karpo Range has become a popular atraction on the Shangri-La tourist circuit during the past decade. Thousands photograph its peaks and glaciers from the popular tourist overlook of Feilaisi. But somehow,70 years earlier, Joseph Rock found the best view of all at a […]

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Impacts of Climate Change in Shangri-La

Qome of the most dramatic and observable effects of rapid changes in the) Earth’s climate system occur at high latitudes in the Arctic and Antarctic.Shrinking sea ice and retreating glaciers get the most media coverage, but effects also extend to a broad range of social and ecological changes in villages, infrastructure, and wildlife. Since thermal […]

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Three famous forests in Shangri-La

Ninong Forest, Deqin County In this set of images, we are fortunate to view the forests above Ninong village at three moments in time. Norbu and I rephotographed the identical scene in 2002. Intermediate to those two dates, we are also able to view the same forests in an aerial photograph taken by the U.S. […]

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