The city of Nanning is located in the southwest of the province, covering an area of 22, 100 sq km, and consisting of six counties and six districts. It has a population of 6.91 million. Among the first group of Excellent Tourist Cities of China, Nanning is known asgreen city, and has won such honors as […]

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Nanning Souvenirs

Unique Nanning souvenirs are mostly ethnic Zhuang handicrafts.Handmade cloth balls ina variety of colors are traditional Zhuang engagement gifts,they go for RMB 8 to 15.Ifweight isn’t a factor,then get a beautifully cast bronze drum for RMB 100 to 200.Dyed brocades made by the Zhuang women can be used as curtains or wall hangings and cost […]

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Nanning Food Restaurants

Nanning cuisine is generally light with dishes placing an emphasis on the freshness of the ingredients.For lovers of spicy food,try old friend noodles(laoyou mian); according to legend,this dish was created to cure a friend’s cold.Although its curativeproperties may be suspect,its spice factor will make you sweat.A thin crepe filled with green onions(juantong fen)is a delicious […]

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Nanning Transportation

Subtropical Nanning is blessed with year round temperate weather and a balmy 72F(22℃)average.Winters will dip to 55F(13℃)and summers will see the mercury rising to 82F(28℃). The Nanning International Folk Music Festival is held every November and features many performances of the local folk culture.Chinese and foreign performers display their skills and exhibitions are displayed.This festival […]

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Nanning,the Green City

Nanning’s mixture of natural beauty and ethnic flavor is a great for travelers who want to get away from bustling cities,but still want their conveniences.Full of colorful sights and lush parks,Nanning is a park city that will dazzle any visitor. Towering buildings and chaotic traffic are all too common in modern China,which makes a trip […]

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