Zhenguo Pagoda

Located in Kaiyuan Temple, Quanzhou City, Zhenguo Pagoda is the tallest pagoda in existence. It was constructed of wood during the Tang Dynasty, and finally rebuilt with bricks in AD 1238, during the Northern Song Dynasty. The height of the tower is 48.24 meters, and on the base and body of the tower are carved diaphanous and […]

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Twin Pagodas in Kaiyuan Temple

Twin Pagodas in Kaiyuan Temple of Quanzhou, Fujian province are beautiful in appearance and exquisite in structure. Twin Pagodas in Kaiyuan Temple, also known as Quanzhou Twin Pagodas, locate at the two sides of Ziyun (purple clouds) Hall in Kaiyuan Temple. Standing separately on the east and west, these two pagodas are 200 meters apart. […]

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