Shaoxing Souvenirs

Shaoxing has many souvenirs on offer. Shaoxing wine(shaoxing jiu) is one of the most popular products with four brands that stand out: yuanhong, jiafan,shanniang is an alternative for those who don’t’ drink. Famous brands are pingshui zhucha, rizhu and Shaoxing paper fans(shaoxing zhishan) are some local handicrafts they’re not only artistic but also practical. The […]

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Chinese Wine and Spirits

It’s easy to get drunk cheap in China and for some, it may be an opportunity worth taking. Cultural barriers disappe lry and camaraderie of a shared drink For every tale of Chinese history and tradition that are stodg are a thousand more coun fascinating stories about the country and its people that are told over […]

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Shaoxing, the City of the Literati and History

Shaoxing’s history is that of China’s cultural heritage. The city has welcomed cultural heroes of all stripes, from social reformers like Lu Xun to wistful poets sipping Shaoxing’s famed wine on the banks of a lazy stream. Just 43 miles (70 km) away from Hangzhou Shaoxing is sheltered by Kuaiji Shan and nestled in Zhejiang atmosphe […]

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The Temple and Mausoleum of Yu the Great

A few miles to the south-east of the city,is Yu’s Temple and Mausoleum,first built in the beginning of the Liang Dynasty(545).Yu the Great is a well-known legendary hero of the Xia Dynasty(2070 BC-1600 BC).He is supposed to have performed wonderful feats in controlling flood.He died on a tour of inspection thousand years ago and was […]

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The Picturesque East Lake

The East Lake is on the east of Shaoxing.It has deep water and strange rock formation With an average depth of 18 meters,the lake is a blend of workmanship and nature. Today,the hill around the East Lake covered with pine trees and bamboos has turned into a natural scene.There are two rock caves in the […]

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