Ganzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone

Ganzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone covers an area of 136 square kilometers and stands by the centre of Ganzhou city. At present, Ganzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone is the only provincial one in the south of Jiangxi Province and is approved as national export-processing zone by the State Council. It is an important […]

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A Glance of Ganzhou Industry

By now there are sixteen industrial zones in Ganzhou, including Ganzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, Shahe Industrial Zone, Gan County Industrial Zone, Nankang Industrial Zone, Xinfeng Industrial Zone, Longnan Industrial Zone, Dayu Industrial Zone, Ruijin Industrial Zone, Ningdu Industrial Zone, Yudu Industrial Zone, Xingguo Industrial Zone, Anyuan Industrial Zone, Shangyou Industrial Zone, Huichang Industrial […]

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Ganzhou-Hakka Cultural City in China

Out of the history, the river and time flow! By the river, the city and civilization grow! Joined by streams and rivulets, breaking through hills and mountains, Zhangjiang River and Gongshui River keep rushing down day and night until they meet and converge into Ganjiang River, the permanent mother river of Jiangxi. Through ages and […]

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Bajing Pavilion

In the north of Ganzhou is the Bajing Pavilion, which is the symbol of the city and lies at the confluence of Zhangjiang River and Gongjiang River. The 285-meter and 3-floor pavilion is an imitation of an ancient building, with the features ofmagnificent upturned eaves, sets of brackets, carved beams and vermilion pillars, it covers […]

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Mount Sanbai

Mount Sanbai, referring to all the peaks on-the southeastern border of Anyuan County, Jiangxi Province, is an area where the western slope of the southern sectionof Mount Wuyi and the northern slope of the eastern section of Mount Nanling meet. It is the watershed of two great rivers-Gongjiang River of the Yangtze River System and […]

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