Jinshitan golf course

That large investment though gives the guest access to a world and view they may have never seen before and is quickly disappearing or unavailable in many cities around the world.Courses like Shenyang’s Shengjing International Golf Club has 18 holes surrounded by trees and hills right in the middle of a forest,and designed by the […]

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Modern highway network

Developing Hot Springs Tourism Getting tourists to travel to a destination requires three concepts for success.One is accessibility,how easy it is to get there and get around.The second is amenities,what is on offer to the guest which include food,hotel and spa facilities:the mundane things like the type of towels used.The third is attractions,either big such […]

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Imperial mausoleum(Fuling)in Shenyang

For tourism Shenyang offers some of the best cultural sites in the province.The Shenyang Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty is an official UNESCO World Heritage site that rivals the Forbidden City in Beijing.The museum connected to the Palace is full ofnumerous prime examples of Manchu and Han relics as well as artifacts from the […]

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Development of Shenyang

The capital city of Shenyang is a great entry point to discover many of the important cultural sites of Liaoning Province and start a hot springs tour.Along the way,others cities along the route of a hot spring adventure offer many additional natural and cultural sites that should not be missed. The capital city of Liaoning […]

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Eating Like an Emperor

When you reach a certain financial point in life, the high point to be specific, the food gets better, looks betters, and is presented better. This is not to detract from the simple pleasures of locally grown vegetables plucked fresh from the vine or unique dishes prepared by a little old lady who has been […]

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