Brief Introduction to Yichun

Located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province, Yichun covers an area of 18,700 square kilometers and has a total population of 5.3 million. It has direct jurisdiction over one district, three cities and six counties. The city has its origins in a legend from this time: in the fourth year of Liu Bang -the founder […]

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Yuquan Temple Iron Pagoda

Yuquan(jade-like stream) Temple Iron Pagoda of Dangyang County, Hubei is the tallest iron pagoda extant in China. It, together with Chongjue Temple Pagoda andXinglong Temple Pagoda, is known as one of the Three Tall Iron Pagodas in China. This iron pagoda locates in Yuquan Temple at the eastern foot of Yuquan Mountain. According to historic […]

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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream is a left tributary of the Yangtze River,located in the Hubei Province of central China.Fed by tributaries some of which come from th Shennongjia Forestry District,the stream flows south,falling into the Yangtze opposite the city of Badong.Originally the Shennong Stream watercourse consisted of a wild river traversing a tortuous alignment flanked by almost […]

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Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge is a canyon on the Yangtze River in Hubei Province.It is the largest and most downstream-eastern of the famous Three Gorges.Xiling Gorge is located in Zigui County,from Xiangxi down to the western suburbs of Yichang.The area is named after Mt.Xiling,a peak at the eastern end of the gorge,and has been so named since […]

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Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge,sometimes called Great Gorge,is the second gorge of the Three Gorges system on the Yangtze River.Formed by the Wu River,it stretches 45 km from Wushan to Guandukou,and is located downstream of Qutang Gorge and upstream of Xiling Gorge.The gorge straddles the boundary between Wushan County of Chongqing Municipality(formerly part of Sichuan Province)and Badong County,Hubei […]

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