Xi’an Financial Business Zone

With rivers, tress and industries, the Chan-Ba area seems to be a success  in the eyes of others. Once a seriously afflicted area due to many ecological  situations in northeastern of Xi’an, it is now a land of greenery. People may  think that Chan-Ba can expected to develop steadly from now on.  The Chan-Ba area, however, would not be […]

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Great Charming Chan-Ba

“The north of China is miserable,”said Chinese poet Ai Qing. Why so: Water shortage is at the heart of this misery. We can even say that water decides the future of northern China. Now that the Chan-Ba Ecological District can develop by taking advantage of the enchanting environment there, the new problem to be solved […]

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Develop Multi-industries, and Prioritize Ecological Environment

After all, the city is people’s city. The ultimate goal of a city is to provide people with a satisfying living and working environment, which is exactly the same goal Chan-Ba aims to achieve. As Chan-Ba has changed from an “ecological disaster area”into a”new urban district”, how can it attract high-quality projects, thus taking a […]

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Harmony between Man and Nature,a City of Rivers and Mountains

Turning Xi’ an into a water city did not seem practical at first, like building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the Mesopotamian civilization. Being an inland city in northwest China, although it had a developed water transport system in ancient times, it was challenging to build a water city. “There is no example for […]

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Xi’ an, the capital of ancient China,a city of rivers and mountains,a city with a history of thousand years, is developing vigorously. In recent years, people in Xi’ an can not only enjoy the rich culture and long history of the city, but they can also appreciate the beautiful scenery with flowing rivers and flying […]

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