Painting should change with the Times

Changes in painting occurred in all dynasties. Zhang Yanyuan(815-907) who lived n the Tang Dynasty elaborated on the functions of painting in Famous Paintings in Past Dynasties: educating people, improving human relations, revealing infinite changes and fathoming the subtle. These aspects were different in different dynasties so there were also many differences in paintingPainting develops […]

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Masterpiece: Along the River during the Qingming Festiva

Along the River during the Qingming Festival is generally regarded as one of the most outstanding paintings in China’s painting history, epitomizing the great achievements in traditional painting in terms of skill and art, and is still displayed to the world on various important occasions today. It was drawn by Northern Song imperial court painter […]

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Charming flowers and birds in Traditional Chinese painting

Flower-bird painting rose in the Tang Dynasty. Most Tang flower-bird paintings were drawn on screens and round fans, depicting rare flowers and birds liked by court aristocrats. In the Five Dynasties Period, flower-bird painting underwent importantdevelopment and formed different styles, among which “the different styles of Xu an Huang”were most prominent. They continued from the […]

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Expressing Feelings through Mountains and Rivers

Landscape painting mainly depicts natural scenes. In the northern and Southern Dynasties, landscape painting began to rise mainly under the influence of landscape poetry and Zen Buddhism. Zong Bing375-443) in the Southern Dynasties wrote in Preface on Landscape Painting: a vertical line of three chi is equivalent to a thousand ren in height. a horizontal […]

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Elegant Demeanor of ladies

Apart from political figure paintings and religious figure paintings, the high maturity of Tang figure paintings is also manifested by lady paintings. Zhang Xuan and zhou Fang(713-741) were representative painters. In a certain sense, their works mark a change in figure painting and thus occupy special places in the painting history. The development trend of […]

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