The Temple of Universal Happiness

Encompassing 24 000 square metres,the Temple of Universal Happi-ness(also known as Round Pavilion)was erected in 1766 when the upper strata personages from the Mongolian and the northwestern tribes came to pay respects to Qing emperor Qianlong for the stability and peace in north-western region of China.The main building,the Pavilion of the Brilliance of the Rising […]

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East Cemetery

East Cemetery situated at the foot of Mt Changrui,west of Malanyu,Zunhua City,Hebei Province,125km from Beijing in the west,and 150km from Tianin in the south.It is the largest of the three,surrounded by scenery hills around,125km long from south to north,and 20km wide from west to east,occupying totally 2500km square. The construction started in 1661 and ended 247 […]

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Chengde Mountain Resort and Outlying Temples

Chengde City is located in the northeast part of Hebei Province,230km from Being.Announced among the first 24 historical and cultural ciies of the naltion,Chengde has the largest existing royal garden on his land:Mountain Resort and the outlying temples of various nationalities,which,in December of 1994, were inscribed in World Heritage List by World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. […]

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Chengde Eight Outer Temples

The Eight Outer Temples were built between 1713 and 1780;many of them are in Tibetan style.In fact,”Eight Outer Temples”is a collective name for 12 temples. The Eight Outer Temples was listed as a UNESCO World Culture Heritage Site in 1994. At present,6 temples are open to the public;they are Putuo Zongcheng Temple,Puning Temple,Xumi Fushou Temple,Pule […]

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