Food Culture

Ethnic minority groups in Guangxi have different special food cultures. Famous specialties of Guangxi include Guilin Rice Noodles, Nanning Old Friend Noodles, Liuzhou Spiral Shell Noodles;five -color- Zhuang Rice,ciba( glutinous rice cake), zongzi( steamed glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves ) rice cooked in bamboo stems, braised pork and preserved ham. Other specialties include fried […]

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The culture of Chinese cuisine also embodies original Chinese philosophy concept. The art form that represents this culture comes in two folds, geometry form and form of nature, which mainly consists of animal figures. Chinese New Year meal-eating dumplings, Wonton and grain twister on the first of the lunar year. Wonton and grain twister. Geometry […]

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Warmth and Hospitality Expressed by Food

In the West, a separate meal for each person has been the practice since ancient times Even at a banquet, people take what they like for themselves rather than sharing dishes With ever-widening opening up to the outside world, this Western culinary practice has exerted a certain influence on China, yet has not basically changed […]

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Every Dish Has a Story

The names of Chinese dishes are diverse. but behind each of the famous dishes is an interesting story explaining why it is popular. A catchy name may add value to the dish However. some names are so eccentric that they may confuse people, both Chinese and foreigners. If you explain the names in a literal […]

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Traditional Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is a brilliant facet of Chinese culture, which is proven by the fact that Chinese restaurants are found scattered every where throughout the world. Today, the culinary industry is developing even more rapidly than before a decade ago, Beijing had a few thousand restaurants, while today there are over 100,000 restaurants of different […]

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