Round Top Nail Pattern and Chinese Characters on the Embroidery

 Round Top Nail Pattern Round top nail pattern is commonly used in Han culture for ornamentations and it is also one of the simplest patterns on Bronze works Usually it is round top nails in single lines or in squares. The scholars’ interpretation of the pattern is that it is the symbol of maternal worship as the round […]

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Water Wave Pattern and Gammadia of Miao

 Water Wave Pattern As one of the oldest ethnic groups in China, the Miaos has their own perception of the origin of the universe. Steam and cloud are two of the oldest matters in Miaos’ perception of the world so they naturally appear on the rims of the figures as ornamentation, which arrangement coincides with the knowledge that […]

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Ferocious Glutton Symbol and Sunray Pattern

Ferocious Glutton Symbol Ferocious Glutton( Taotie) is an image on very ancient bronze, jade and stone carvings or as Chinese call it Taotie. Taotie is a fiction animal very gluttonous. Taotie has very complicated contents, as a Taotie image usually is the combination of many fiction and real animals together. However since 2000 B C after the Shang&Zhou Dynasties, […]

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Yin and Yang Fish on Miao Embroidery

 Yin and Yang Fish image is frequently found on Miao embroidery works and this makes us conclude that this is no coincidence and no ordinary ornamentation. The embroiderers who have never gone outside of their native places in Miao country and illiterate, speaking no Mandarin and even no intermarriage with the Han people, what the implications of the image […]

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Cosmos Outlook Retlecfed In Miao Embroidery

Appointing the curls on the embroidery many people said to me, that is the bracken flower, mill wheel, tiger or cat, or spray in the Miao country I always doubt these conclusions, and wonder whether the symbols of brackens or mill wheels and cat paws could survive for so many thousands of years on the […]

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