Yingtan Industrial Zone

With a view to create a better environment for the development of industry and invite outside investment, three industrial zones have been set up one after another during the recent years in Yingtan with a total planned area of 52 square kilometers. They are Yingtan Industrial Zone, Guixi Industrial Zone and Yujiang Industrial Zone. Yingtan […]

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Introduction to the Ten Main Beauties of Mount Longhu

Green and Enchanting Ecological Realm -Mount Tianmen Five kilometers away from Shangqing Old Town to the southeast is Tianmen Mountain Ecological Resort, which constitutes the major part of Longhu Mountain National Geological and Natural Park. You can appreciate stretching hills, magnificent falls, and flourishing green trees, and you can also enjoy singing of happy wild […]

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Mount Longhu

Mount Longhu in Yingtan,as depicted in the first chapter of the classical Chinese novel Water Margin,is the birthplace of”Zhengyi”Taoism in China. Sixteen kilometers away from Yingtan City to the southwest,it is a“AAAA-level”national key scenic area,national forestry park and national geologic park,known as a“Capital of Gods”and“Paradise on the Earth”,which covers around 200 square kilometers with semitropical […]

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Brief Introduction to Yingtan

Yingtan,a city with Guixi City, Yujiang County, Yuehu District and Longhu Mountain Scenery & Tourism Administration under its jurisdiction, is located in the northeast part of Jiangxi Province in China. Its total population and area amount to 1.2 million and 3,554 square kilometers, respectively. Yingtan is an important traffic hub in the south of the […]

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