Lu Shan’s most maiestic sights

Perched at3,838feet(1,167m)and ringed by mountains, Guling Town(guling zhen rhers), better known to Westerners as“Kuling” for its“cooling” climate, is convenient place to start any excursion. Exploring by foot is easy within Guling. Start off with the European-styled villas, which used to be summer rest-stations for the large foreign summer community. Englishman E.L. Little was the first […]

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Mount Lu culture

This trail, famed for its 99 bends, boasts the Immortal Cavexianren dong )a rock chamber on the edge of a precipice within which bubbles a natural sprin aoist stones priests transformed this remote cave into their temple, replete with a huge stone shrine, altars and scriptures carved onto the rocky walls. Legend has it that Lu […]

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Heritage: Lushan National Park

Historic villas, forest trails and cool mountain peaks have been drawing people to this mountain hideaway for more than 100 years. The misty clouds blanket the lush forests and provide a mystical scene. The peaks of Lu Shan in northern Jiangxi Province hae long been a magnet for the spiritual, the rich and famous, the […]

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