Shangrao Economic Development Zone

Shangrao has always been an agricultural city with a “short leg”in industry. In recent years, Shangrao has implemented the strategy of revitalizing economy by developing industry. It speeds up the construction of industrial zones as platform, introduces and promotes investment in Shangrao. The wonderful environment, abundant resources and excellent service has attracted plenty of investments […]

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Wuyuan International Cultural Tourism Festival

Wuyuan County is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province.It links with Quzhou in Zhejiang to its east,Shangrao to its south,Jingdezhen to its west andMount Huang to its north.It is like a bright pearl embedded in the Mount Huang一Wuyuan-Mount Lu golden tour line and is honoured as the“Most Beautiful Countryside in China”by the media at […]

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Mount Sanqing

Welcome to Mount Sanqing. Mount Sanqing is the seventh of the World Nature Heritages in China, the only one in Jiangxi. It is located in the northeast of Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. It is honored as “the NO.1 immortal mountain and the only Taoist paradise in the world”. As the highest peak, Yujing peak is 1816.9 […]

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Tourism of Shangrao

Shangrao is situated in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, bordering with Quzhou City in Zhejiang Province to the east, linking Huangshan City in Anhui Province to the north, neighboring to Nanping City in Fujian Province to the south. It has a variety of natural landscapes and a long cultural history; it is a classical zone […]

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Brief Introduction to Shangrao

Shangrao is called the”East Gate”of Jiangxi Province, with ten counties, one district and one city under its jurisdiction, total population of 6.6 million, and area about twenty-two thousand square kilometers. Shangrao has a long cultural history. The Immortal Cave and Diaotonghuan relics are the earliest birthplaces of rice in the world. Shangrao is the homeland […]

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