The Liaoning Economy

As tourism is slated to reach up to 20 percent of the province’s economy, there is still a strong market economy in Liaoning to support development. Liaoning’s GDP has grown 13 percent recently and was a major center of direct foreign investment of over $15 billion in 2009. These other industries include high-tech development, agriculture […]

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Liaoning by the Numbers

For tourism to grow there are two major ingredients for successful growth. The first is enough industries to support the economy so that tourism can grow. This includes buildinginfrastructure, providing other long-term investment opportunities and income sources forthe local people outside of tourism. The other important need is tourists themselves, ones who have the necessary […]

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Winter Wonderland

When many tourists think of the northeast of China they think of cold and for good reason, Liaoning specifically has an average temperature of about 9 degrees Celsius for the year. Most cities in Liaoning have only 100-200 frost-free days, which means the mountains and hills that make up almost two thirds of the area […]

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Vast expanses of farmland

Golf,invented in Scotland in the 15th century,is now a $60 billion industry worldwide.There are over 30,000 golf courses in 119 countries with nearly 57 million active players. Walking the Green-Golf in Liaoning Golf, invented in Scotland in the 1 5th century, is now a $60 billion industry worldwide. There are over 30,000 golf courses in […]

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Liaoning-A New Center for Leisure

As Liaoning has begun the advanced promotion of the hot springs industry, the concept of leisure has become integral to the success of the industry. Leisure is hard to define, it is not quantifiable nor is it strictly passive or active. Leisure requires free time, time away from work or responsibilities. In the West, leisure […]

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