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Idea, imagery, and enjoyable spirit

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The charm of Chinese oriental creative arts is full of idea, image, and enjoyable spirits. The beauty of image, nature, and smartness is inspired inthe moment and non-realism and non-abstraction, which are from the natural reveals of beauty of artist’s heart, are with supernatural workmanship, harmonious answer to human beings and the natural world. The enjoyable language form of art is the romantic lyric of artist, as well as an important way of expression of Chinese art.

Enjoyable spirit is the highest realm ofChinese artists for artistic expression.

Similarly, the imagery and enjoyable spirit give my new paper-cut art creative incomparable vitality andvigor, which makes him wander in the pure and natural artistic beauty given by Chinese enjoyable spirit!

The creation of Zhaoxigang’s enjoyable spirit of new paper-cut art can be expressed from the following two aspects:

①The enjoyable spirit in Chinese folk art

Chinese folk art has rich connotation and profound cultural accumulation.

It is the treasure house of the original enjoyable spirit creation. Chinese folk art includes drama art, New Year paintings paper-cut, folk toys, and building decoration… in which are fu of rich folk aesthetic enjoyable spirit interests, natural and uncomplicatedfeatures. This is the human original artistic feeling of childlike innocence.

In addition, there also are distinct folk craft originality, the folk beauty of crafts and decoration with a deep decoration enjoyable spirit method, which may unconsciously reveal rational and emotional beauty of image.I deeply appreciate the beauty of the so-called “gorgeously wrought-colorfully and dazzlingly embellished,a lotus flower just rose from under water”, and it can be summarized as the fact that subtle and organized orders are like graceful and clean of gorgeously wrought-colorfully and dazzlingly embellished, rough bold and natural emotional islike magnificent and uninhibited of a lotus flower just rising from under water. Representative works include Head Portraits of Zodiac, Folk Tales Series and so on.

②The enjoyable spirit in Chinese traditional painting art

Chinese painting art advocates the beauty of artistic conception and the humanities spirit of natureunity. Traditional sculpture, Chinesefreehand brushwork and collaborate-style painting all have a reflection of the artistic features. The stone carving modeling of Han DynastyHuo Qubing tomb has a wonderfulnature, and its carving is based on the shape of stone with natural interest. In the traditional painting art of Qi Baishi, Chen Zizhuang, Eight Eccentric Artists in Yangzhou, HuangBinhong and so on, and in the visual art language of freehand brushwork of murals in Mogao Caves, Yongle Temple and Fahai Temple, the writing and the natural smart lines are fulland delightful, which constitutes the freehand characteristics in Chinesetraditional painting art. The beauty of the Chinese painting art is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it fully demonstrates its modeling of good pleasure such as false or true intangible beauty, rhythm beauty of line, symbolic implication, etc.which flow with evergreen charm of the artistic life. My new paper-cut art with the new perspective of modern artist naturally applies Chinese enjoyable spirit into the creation, and gets the positive visual arts effect.

Representative works include series of Freehand Brushwork Painting ofFlowers and Birds, Bloom in Spring and Fruit in Autumn, Reddish-yellowCrab Meat, and Galloping Horses and so on.

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