Zhang Blade

Dimensions: 52 cm long, 7.2 cm wide, and 0.65 cm thick his zhang blade is of rough workmanship except for the cutting edge and the bolster section. Quite a large number of such stone zhang blades have been found in the sacrificial zone of the Jinsha site, and the rest are even poorer than this […]

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Painted God-Man Head Woodcarving

Dimensions: 79 cm in total length, and 19.9 cm wide he artifact is made of a whole piece of wood in the shape of an ivory. The god-man head was carved in the upper section of the piece, and painted in dark yellow, vermilion, yellow and black. The ferocious expression gives an air of authority. […]

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Jar with Small Flat Bottom

Ottery jars with a small flat bottom were typical vessels of the Sanxingdui culture, and they have been unearthed in the Chengdu Plain the western part of Hubei Province, and the southern part of Shaanxi Province. In the early period of Jinsha its pottery jars with a small flat bottom were with a small flat bottom and […]

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Small-Mouth Pot

He small-mouth pot was one of the typical vessels of the mid period of Jinsha. It has a small mouth, long neck, and an asymmetric belly with a round side and flat side, and its bottom is round. Such pots have been previously unearthed from the Shuiguanyin site of Xinfan in the Chengdu Plain and the Baoshan […]

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Discovery of the Site and Its Excavation

On the bruary 8, 2001, engineering machines accidentally unearthed numerous artifacts of gold,bronze,jade,stone and ivory from a treasury that had been covered for more than 3,000 years at a constrcution site in former Jinsha village. Many of them were unseen anywhere except the Sanxingdui site in Guanghan, Sichuan, which is now quite well known in […]

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