The Ancient of Pingyao

This city with a history of over 2 700 years is located in middle of Shanxi Province,9okm from Taiyuan City,the provincial capital.ts origin says that this place was awarded to Emperor Yao,namely the Tao Tang family,thus it was called“ancient Tao’s land”.The city first appeared in 827-782BC,mili-tarily guarded by Yin Ji-fu,West Zhou Dynasty.Since the“Province and County […]

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Pingyao Ancient Town

Pingyao is on the eastern banks of the Fen River and in the southwestern edge of the Taiyuan basin.It is near to Qi County,another Chinese Historic and Cultural City.Pingyao’s economy largely relies on agricultural and it is noted for its beef. 0ther products that the region produces contain grains,cotton,and lacquerware.It lies about 715 kilometers from […]

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Arts and Culture of the Ancient City

The Ancient City of Pingyao is a well-preserved ancient county-level city in China.It’s located in Pingyao County,central Shanxi Province. The Ancient City of Pingyao was a financial center in China from the 19th century to the early 20th century.The business shops and traditional dwellings in the city are historical witnesses to the economic prosperity of […]

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