Building a well-off life in Guangxi

In the 2007 Program Outline for the Constructio of a Moderately Well-off Society in Guangxi (2006-2020)goals were raised for the region’s development for the next 15 years. The Outline also defined the stages of Guangxi ded development into a moderately well-off society, designating the first five years as a period for building solid foundations, followed by […]

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New Engine Powering Guangxi’s Development

Situated at a strategic point of the Xijiang River, Guangxi is striving to build a 100-million-ton Golden Waterway that will propel economic development in the region. It will serve as a new economic engine powering Guangxi’s scientific, harmonious and leapfroggingdevelopment. A coordinated and balanced development pattern will significantly enhance Guangxi’s status in the Joint Construction of the […]

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Five Major Projects

Key to the success of the Xijiang River Golden Waterway are the following five major projects: 1.The Youjiang River Naji Shipping Hub, the Yuliang, Laokou and Datengxia water-control projects and the Yongning Cascade Hydro Station begun in 2009; 2. Preliminary construction of the Guigang-Wuzhe-2,ooo- ton Waterway the Youjiang River 1, 000-ton Waterway, and the 500-ton […]

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Project Goals

Short-terms goals By 2010, the Golden Waterway shall have taken shape, with new inland-river ports reaching a minimum 70-million-ton capacity, and total capacity reaching 100 million tons Long-term goals By 2020, all 1, 480 km of inland river routes connecting Nanning, Guigang, Wuzhou, Baise, Laibin, Liuzhou and Chongzuo shall be upgraded to high-level-waterways above 1, 000 […]

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Inland Water Transport Artery

A main tributary of the Pearl River, the Xijiang River, which rises in Yunnan and flows Guizhou and Guangxi to Guangdong, has beengolden waterwayconnecting the southwest and the south of China since ancient times. In October 2008, Guangxi proposed a major strategy aimed at making the Xijiang River a 100-million-ton inland waterway. The government plans […]

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