History of Changsha

Changsha is a cultural city with a long history.Results of the archaeological studies show that 7000 years ago,people began to inhabit here.The legendary Emperors Yao and Shun were both buried in ancient Changsha.Changsha first got itsname in the Western Zhou Dynasty(1lth century-771BC)3000 years ago.In the period of the Xia(21st-17th century BC)and Shang(17th-1lth century BC)dynasties,Changsha was […]

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Cultural Life

In recent years,Changsha has become an important creative center for TV and entertainment arts,with its many TV stations producing some of the most popular programs in China,including the most watched program ever on Chinese TV Super Girl,a Chinese female version of the UK Pop Idol or American Idol.These entertainment programs have brought along with it […]

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Nightlife in Changsha

The people of Changsha are renowned for their performing arts and they have created various traditional folk performances of their own including local operas,storytelling,drum opera,acrobatics and other dramatic presentations.Traditional folk art was highly fashionable during a period of the city’s history and many of today’s theatres and opera halls in Changsha date from that time.Today,most […]

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