Van Gogh Alive– Multi-sensory Art Exhibition

Since its debut in Singapore four years ago, Van Gogh Alive has been a global hit. Van Gogh’s Alive has been a global hit. Van Gogh’s wooks have been have been displayed and enjoyed around the world for over a century-but never like this. Traditions of tiptoeing through unnervingly silent galleries and viewing paintings from afar are […]

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Ocean’s Bounty

Zhoushan Archipelago is a city of islands in Zhejiang, a province to the south of Shanghai. It offers a full variety of tourism destinations on the limitless sea, seafood, and Buddhist temples that attract tourists, gourmets and pilgrims from all over China and beyond. Known as the Fishery of the East China Sea, the archipelago […]

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Fishing for Art

Money, it seems, is not the end all and be all. Sure, heaps of the stuff will buy you a flash car and the latest smart-phone but, when all is said and done, when the ravages of time-coupled with the unrelenting ferocity of the elements have their wicked way with your puny possessions, they’ll be […]

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Conch Girl’s’ Home

the name of the hotel is from a Chinese folktale. The conch girl falls in love with a young fisherman and the goddess of the sea disapproves the romance. The goddess then changes her mind after learning that the fisherman is a good man. The conch girl and the fisherman get married eventually. The conch elements […]

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Private Hotels on the Islands

 Private hotels on islands of Zhoushan are unique in many ways. They are usually small and pleasant homes away from homes. Some display ajapanese minimalist style and some are cozy nests for those in love. For those interested in local architecture these village structures are exemplary specimens and are lovely getaways in a paradise far away […]

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