Ancient Town of lijiang

The place the sun first shines upon is Jiantang in the east, and the most beautiful place in the human world is shangri-la by the Nazi river This is a folk song of the Tibetan people describing the beautiful landscape in Yunnan. Shangri-la was originally a fictional place depicted in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon […]

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Shuhe, an Ancient Naxi Town in Lijiang

The ancient town of Shuhe is located in Lijiang in the northwest part of Yunnan and was once an important town on the ancient tea delivery road Driving to Shuhe from Lijian only requires following the pavement 7 kilometers towards Snow Mountain before the ancient village comes into view. This is Shuhe, the “land of […]

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Footloose In Around LIjiang

Forget your Feilagamo shoes.Lijiang’s sights are best appreciated by strolling through the old Town.That could mean a whole day pottering through the enclaves of handicraft shops and back lanes and sampling steaming Lijiang cakes from a hot grill.Start off the day with a sumptuous breakfast at the hodgepodge of cafe along West Canal(xihe)and Xinhua Street(xinhua […]

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Heritage:the old Town of Lijiang

Exploring Lijiang is like opening a Chinese jewel chest-each exquisitely crafted compartment leads to richer more dazzling sights. Perched at bottom of the Himalayas and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,this remote town in southwest China’s Yunnan Province is a show-stealer for its amazing landscape and richculture.Nestled in a valley ringed with snow-capped mountains,springs,lakes and frothy rivers,nature’s touch […]

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Lijiang is a beautiful shining jewel on the northwest YunnanGuizhou Plateau neighboring the southeast side of the Tibetan Plateau which is considered to be the “Roof of the World”. It is impressive because of its scenery and lush vegetation. Lijiang boasts of breath-taking wonderful sights such as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and its modern maritime […]

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