Tomb of Princess Zhaojun

Tomb of Princess Zhaojun Located 9 kilometers to the south of Hohhot proper,the cemetery covers an area of 1.3 hectare.The tomb is 33 meters high.It was said that each year when it turmed cold and grasses becameyellow,only this tomb remained green,so it was also called“Qingzhong”(Green Tomb). Wang Zhaojun,also named Wang Qiang,married Huhanye Chanyu,the emperor of […]

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Competitiveness of Huhhot

Huhhot’s competitiveness in talent is fairly weak.Its educational level is average,but the quantity,quality and deployment of human resources in Huhhot are all unsatisfactory. Huhhot’s capital competitiveness is very weak,too.Though the quality of capital is fairly good,the quantity is not large enough,the money can not be easily accessed,and the city’s financial control capacity is not strong. […]

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Overview of Hohhot City

The provincial capital of Huhhot lies at the center of Inner Mongolia on the Tumochuan Plain,about 670 km from Beijing.The city’s name means“green city”in Mongolian and with a population 2.4 million people,it is the cultural,financial and economic hub for the Region.It is China’s leading center for woolen textiles and has also developed industries in leather,sugar,machine […]

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Xilamuren Grassland

Located about 56 miles north of Hohhot,Xilamuren Grassland is the first grassland kind of tourist attraction opened to the public in Hohhot.The best time for travelling here is summer and autumn when the pleasant climate,the blue sky and white clouds,the rolling grass,the wandering flocks and herds,the passionate herdsmen and the delicious Mongolian food will absolutely […]

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Zhaojun Tomb

Located about 6 miles away from Hohhot,Zhaojun Tomb is on the plain stretching from the Southern bank of the Dahei River.The tomb is also called“green tomb” because of the green grass on.It is listed as one of the eight most popular scenic spots in Hohhot.The tomb is a huge human-made earthen mound,which is about 108 […]

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