The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River,a world-renowned tourist altrac-tion,start at Baidlicheng(White Emperor City)in Fengie County(population 990 000)in the west and end at Naningguan(Southern Crossing)Pass in Yichang to the east,passing through Badong,Zigui counties and Yichang City in Hubei Province.The total length of the gorges extends 193 kilome-tres.Except the Daning River Valley and the Xiangxi(Fragrant Stream)Val-ley,the gorges […]

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Baidi City in Fengjie

The city is located 4km east of Fengie at the western entrance to the Qutang Gorge,by the junction of the Chaotang and Yangtze Rivers.In ancient times,revered poets such as Libai,Dufu,Liuyuxi and Fangchengduvisited and wrote famous poems during their sojourns here,making BaidiCity the“Poem City.”There are also many historic sites including WuhouAncestral Temple,Observing Star Pavilion and Mengliang […]

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Qutang Gorge

The Qutang Gorge is the shortest and most spectacular of Chinese Three Gorges. Immediately downstream of the ancient village Baidicheng the Yangtze River passesbetween the Chijia Mountain on the north and the Baiyan Mountain on the south.The point where the river passes between these mountains is called the Kuimen Gate and it is the entrance […]

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