Qingdao Tea and Beer

Torvings madefomseashllshvedifferent designs carved into them. Lao Shan Yunfeng tea(laoshan yunfengcha) is type of green tea that’s’ grown on Lao Shan.Lace(jixiu huabian zhipin) made into curtains, table clothes and pillowcases is a local specialty. A local handicraft uses straw (cao zhipin) woven into variety of goods like handbags and hats.  Quotes  “This is a sea […]

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Qingdao Food Restaurants

Qingdao is seaside city so seafood is abundant. Yingzhou bayu, local fish, is equally delicious fried, baked or smoked. Jinhai sanxian danbing chuan is made of shrimps, scallops and shell-fish- and is wrapped in pancake. Seafood tofu (haixian doufu) is made from stir-fried- seafood and eaten with green onion pancakes(congyoubing).pancakes )ismadewith fresh fish and cooked […]

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Miles(7 km east of the Stone Man(shilaoren) beach; the mountain is one or Lao Shan (laoshan is one of the places where Taoism first originated. About 4.3 Taoism’s most important pilgrimage destinations. In the past, Taoist priests living on the mountain were conferred with special privileges. The mountain saw the most development searching for “the Way” […]

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An aerial view of May Fourth Square

On the south slope of the hill is a massive German villa. The magnificently built mansion was the former residence of the German governor and the entire estate covers 6.4 acres (26,000 m2). No extravagance was spared in its construction, and much of the construction material was shipped from Europe the governor felt he deserved […]

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2008 0lympic Sailing Regatta was taken place in Qingdao

Next to Bada Guan and east of the beach is a giant outcropping of stone with a Russian styled villa built on top. Built in1932, this grandiose villa combines an interesting mix of Greek, Roman and Gothic influences. The five-story structure is made of stone and also features a large turret that adds a Gothic touch. Because of […]

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