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Chinese paper-cut

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The mutual collision, contact and flow between paper and scissors produce a unique good pleasure of nature and freshness. The soul andfoundation of Chinese visual art is the black and white freehand brushwork forms obtained from linear language forms and incised and raised carving.

From the pattern of ancient paintedpottery, Jian Tong Feng Di in Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, bronze sculpture in Shang and Zhou Dynasties, stone and brick carving art in Han Dynasty, the frescoes of Wei-Jin South- North Dynasty and porcelain and other item’s decoration of Tang and Song Dynasties, the palace and folk decoration the Ming and Qing Dynasties, etc. all show this artistic behavior. The invention of paper ofCai Lun has led to the development of paper art, freehand brushwork of Chinese painting art, and lines and block surface of meticulous brushwork painting. It brings unique false and true, black and white contrast visual implication of oriental art. Chinese painting art, whether orthodox Chinese painting art, the art of calligraphy, or folk New Year paintings, painting art, all has complements with the Chinese paper-cut art, and they jointlyestablished the Chinese unique traditional paper art from different artistic direction.The good pleasure of Chinese paper-cut art is full of hollow-out beauty and intangible beauty with national art style, is aunique art form of Chinese freehand brushwork. My new paper-cut art fully uses the pen of scissors, delivering the Chinese line art with sincere feelings, expressing the abundant beauty brought by the mutual colision,
contact and flow between paper and scissors. Representative works include Heavenly Ladies Scattering Flowers, Freehand Brushwork Fowers and Biras Series, and Flying Birds and so on.

It should be said that paper-cutart is the Chinese paper-cut, and Chinese paper-cut like Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy is a representative type of the Chinese visual art. Traditional Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy have received extensive attention, and they have been innovated continuously from generation to generation. They have become a regular army of Chinesevisual art in the world. However, Chinese paper-cut is often considered as folk and craft art, and it gradually goes towards the marginalization of art, and then it becomes the representative of the world intangible cultural heritage. To innovate the traditional Chinese folk paper-cut art, master the soul of Chinese culture and arts, create a new national cultural creation industry, and make China paper-cut toward the fashionable and national internationalization road, have very important practical significancefor going the way of Chinese new paper-cut art!

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