Shaolin Souvenirs

Vendors hawking all manner of wares can be found near the schools outside the temple and in the temple itself.A large parking lot near the Forest of Pagodas features standsselling everything from incense for prayer and postcards to sinister swords and kitschy statuettes.Vendors are eager to make a sale,so any kind of bargaining ability will […]

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Shaolin Food Restaurants

Most of the food found around Shaolin Temple is influenced by Buddhism-which means lots of vegetarian dishes.If you can’t live without meat,you can fool your stomach into having a good time by ordering su zhai styled dishes.These dishes are vegetarian,but have the taste and texture of meat. RESTAURANTS He Ji Noodle Restaurant Good noodles and […]

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Shaolin Transportation

Airport-The airport is 19 miles (30 km) southeast of Zhengzhou and takes 30 minutes to reach the city center by taxi. Bus-Buses and vans taking loads of visitors to and from Song Shan can be found with relative ease around the Luoyang train station. Bus fare can be bargained down to RMB 15, but be […]

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Songyue Temple Pagoda

The Songyue Temple Pagoda is a 15-storey dense-eave brick pagoda built in the Northern Wei Dynasty. It is located at the southern foot of Mount Song in Dengfeng County, Henan Province. It is the oldest surface structure that still exists in China. Its dodecagonal pagoda body is unprecedented in the history of Chinese and foreign […]

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Songyue Pagoda

Built in the fourth reigning year of Emperor Xiaowen (523) of the Northern Wei dynasty, Songyue Pagoda is the earliest multieaved brick pagoda that is extant in China today. It takes an important position in Chinese architectural history due to its unique structure. In 1961, it was announced by the State Council as one of […]

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