Capital Cities and Tomes of China’s Ancient Koguryo Kingdom

Capital cities and tombs of China’s ancient Koguryo Kingdom were in-scribed on the World Heritage List on July 2,2004 by the 28th Session of the World Heritage Committee Convention in Suzhou,East China’s Jiangsu Prov-ince.The ruins are scattered in Ji’an City of Northeast China’s Jilin Province and Huanren Manchu Autonomous County of the neighbouring Liaoning Province.They […]

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Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve

Changbaishan means eternally white mountains and is located in the southeast of Jilin near the Korean border.It is China’s largest nature reserve and is home to the rare Manchurian tiger,snow leopards and wild gin-seng. Covering a total area of 2 000 square km,Changbai Mountains Nature Reserve is,as a mammoth natural zoo and botanical garden,part of […]

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Changchun’s Film City

Took a trip down to the movie city on Red Flag Street the other day,if only to satisfy my own curiosity as I pass this place every day.Well,I can tell you that a more appropriate translation would be”Changchun film studios”as that’s what it actually is!Just a large,red-brick glorified warehouse with a large statue of the […]

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China Changchun Optoelectronic Exposition

The 20th Congress of the International Commission for Optics was held in Changchun,China,21-26 August 2005.Usually held every three years,in the past half a century,the 0lympia of optics community has been contributing to coordination among all countries’optical scientists by creating an occasion of close contact.For the first time the international conference takes place in China,a country whose […]

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The History of Changchun

Changchun is a new city with only about 200 years of history.Changchun started as a minor trading town.In the year of 1800,Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty selected a small village on the east bank of the Yitong River and named it as “Changchun Ting”,and in the year of 1889,it was promoted as“Changchun Fu”. It expanded rapidly […]

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