Rural tourism in Nongke Village in Pixian, Sichuan

Rural tourism is a newly developing sector in the industry that takes advantage of a combination of tourist resources, including agricultural operational activities, country life, farm scenery, country culture and living environment in the countryside, and allowsinteraction between the city and the countryside. It is a model for a new type of leisure activity for […]

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Forced Marriage of the yi ethnic group

The Yi ethnic group is one of the larger ethnic minority groups of the more than 50 recognized groups in China, and its population is widely dispersed, with the greatest concentrations in Liangshan of Sichuan and Chuxiong and honghe of Yunnan. Because there are many branches of Yi and they are widely dispersed there are […]

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Jiaju Tibetan Village

Jiaju Tibetan Village is located in Danba County in the hengduan mountains of westernSichuan. It is situated on a mountain slope 500 to 600 meters higher than the town of Danba, which is already quite high. A whitewater river, the dajin River, flows through the valley below the villages and then into the dadu river. […]

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huanglong miaohui

Like the scenery,the climate at Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong is alpine.Think damp and cold in the high mountains and cool and dry in the river valleys.Autumn begins in early-October and is the best time to visit because the scenery is at its most colorful.It’s important to be prepared when up in the mountainous areas,be sure to […]

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Praised for its colorful limestone ponds,Huanglong(huang long),which means Yellow Dragon Mountain,lies in the south part of Min Shan in Songpan County.Situated in the northwest of Sichuan Province and 79 miles(128 km)south of Jiuzhaigou,the HuanglongValley is edged by snow-capped peaks and glaciers.An incredible biodiversity of flora andfauna thrives here alongside spectacular limestone formations,waterfalls and hot springs. […]

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