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The beauty of Chinese paper-cut art

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Beauty, traditional beauty, modern beauty

The pursuit and performance of beauty have always been the foundation of art, also main goal and direction of the efforts to explore and innovation of Zhaoxigang’s new paper-cutart. The Central Academy of Art and Design and the Art School of Tsinghua University give Zhaoxigang a creative platform of”beauty”, providing Zhaoxigang abundant energy to pursue”beauty”, which forms the unique visual expressionmethod of Zhaoxigang’s new paper-cut art, and it also forms art style characteristics of Zhaoxigang’s new paper-cut. Beauty of comparison is one of the main starting points of this creative exploration of artistic beauty, and Zhaoxigang’s Beauty of Comparison’s creative research can be summarized as the following aspects:

The beauty of the comparison of painting art and design art, the oriental art and western art, traditional art and modern art, different types of paintingand craft, art and scientific method..…

These ideology of “beauty of comparison”has been blended in Zhaoxigang’s large blood vessels of art creation by Zhaoxigang’s teachers’ edification, and gradually creates the creative soul in all Zhaoxigang’s new paper-cut art works. For instance, formal feeling first taught by Mr. Wu Guanzhong, sense of traditional ink and wash painting taught by Mr. Zhang Ding, application of constructive method taught byMr. Huang Guoqiang, association of the beauty of image taught by Mr. Liu Jude, application of traditional graphic visual language taught by Mr. Sun Deshan, especially modern design implication and rational thinking taught by Mr. Zhang Shouyi, Mr. Lv Jingren, Mr. Wu Guanying in the later.. In short, the traditional beauty of image and modern rational beauty comparatively develops with harmony, and the new paper-cut art gets advantaged creative wealth for creation, which makes a spectacular new artistic situation.

Representative works include Story of the Jungle and Story of Ocean, etc.

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