Ritual of Spring Plowing Festival

Farming culture has enabled Peitian Village to stand the test of time for 8oo years, while the wisdom of Peitian ancestors is embodied in their firm belief in farming culture. As the wave of modernization and urbanization engulfs the world, Peitian’s farming culture faces unprecedented challenges. Schooling has now become the shortcut to successwhich means […]

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Hakka Community College

In a sense, Hakka Culture represents a microcosm of the integration of the Central Plains (or Central China) and native southern cultures after the large-scale immigration in the fourth century of northerners to the south. The so-called Yongjia Disaster in 311 and the Five Barbarian Tribes’ uprising (316-439) sparked a mass migration from CentralChinato the […]

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Old lane of Peitian Village

Guan Hallis one of the typical architectures of the ine Halls and Eighteen Courtyards.Built in the reign of oingEmperor Kangxi(1654-1722),it has an areaof 7,000 square meters.It consists of five rows of houses,with a pond in the front courtyard and a pavilion at the back,and two parallel rows of houses on the left and right sides.The […]

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Peitian Village: Successor to 800 Years of Farming Culture Heritage

Peitian Village, located in Xuanhe Township of Liancheng County in mountainous western Fujian Province, is one of the many ancient villages that came into being after mass migrations from China’s Central Plains to the south. Witha history of about 800 years, Peitian typifies “ancient Hakkall village culture”and clan culture. In recent years, China’s rural society […]

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