Guiyang Souvenirs

Guiyang offers great souvenirs for visitors.Wax-dyed fabrics(laran)are a local handicraft using nature and animal motifs.Designs are drawn onto the fabric with wax then dipped in dye and a beautiful pattern is revealed when the wax is removed.They cost from RMB 50 to 100,framed pieces are around RMB 200 each.The Miao people love silver jewelry and […]

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Guiyang Food Restaurants

Southwest China’s cuisine is spicy with a tinge of sour.Most of the cuisine comes from the mountain bounty.Exotic fruits are plentiful;try the local pears(cili)and Chinese gooseberries(mihoutao)Tofu balls(leijia doufu yuanzi)are deep-fried flavorful egg-sized balls of tofu,crispy on the outside and tender on the inside,they’re usually served as anappetizer.Spicy chicken(lizi ji),is colorfully covered in dried chili peppers,but […]

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The Best Tourist Time in Guiyang

Guiyang’s weather is mild throughout the year and the average temperature is a balmy 59F(15℃)with winter temperatures dipping to 39F(4℃ and summers rarely exceeding 86F(30℃)while the rest China boils. There are over 30 ethnic groups in Guiyang with the Han Chinese,Miao and Buyi making the majority.The many ethnic groups in Guiyang celebrate a multitude of […]

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Guiyang’s Karst and Waterfalls

Hidden amongst jagged karst(limestone)mountains,misty waterfalls and undulating hills,Guiyang is a gem hidden under layers of gorgeous scenery,and with each step,a new vista emerges. Guizhou Province is in China’s southwest on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau over 3,280 feet(1,000 m)above sea level.The mountainous terrain has diligently kept much of the province’s early history a mystery.This mystique is heightened […]

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The Half-side Buildings

The Miao nationality is mainly distributed in the southeast of Guizhou. As the settlement area of Miao nationality, the topography in Guizhou is rugged with many mountainous regions. The land resource is deficient. In order to save land, thelocal people would build houses mainly along hillsides, thus forming the pile dwellings with one half on […]

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