Suzhou Souvenirs

As a major tourist center, Suzhou is naturally awash in souvenirs and handicrafts of every description. The most famous local products include Suzhou double-sided silk embroideries, which average RMB300: silk and fragrant sandalwood fans high quality sandalwood fans can cost up to RMB 400; woodcarvings, pearl jewelry, teapots and silk can  clothes of traditional and modern […]

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SuzhouFood Restaurants

Suzhou’s cuisine is very similar to that of Shanghai and is characterized by light flavors, sweet dishes and an abundance of fish and shellfish. The signature Suzhou dish is the oddly named squirrel mandarin fish(songshu guiyu). The fish is argely de-boned (a real blessing for travelers who are not fluent in the use of chopsticks) and […]

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Suzhou Transportation

Airport Suzhou has no airport; the closest one is Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport, about 50 miles (80 km)away. Shuttle buses from the airport to Suzhou take about an hour. Bus Bus fares to or from Shanghai average around RMB 30. The Shanghai trip takes around an hour and a half. Bicycle Heavily traveled and toured areas will […]

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The Brieflntroduction of The Suzhou Gardens

1.Brieflntroduction A Chinese saying goes that,”In heaven there is a paradise,on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” uzhou,in East China’s Jiangsu Province,enjoys a particular renown for herlandscaped gardens.The gardens are not large but are fascinating in their delicate design,containing hills,ponds,pavilions,terraces,corridors,and towers.Called the Venice of the East,Suzhou has a high water table which supplies the vast […]

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Tongli Town

Tongli is a small town with a history of several hundred years and is located beside the Taihu Lake in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. With typical Ming and Qing dynasties architectural style, the town is divided into seven islands by fifteen rivers and encircled by five lakes, with streets, rivers and bridges connecti outstanding cultural […]

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