Night Tour to Fuzhou

As a modern southern city,Fuzhou City is a flourishing entertainment center. All manner of places of entertainment,night clubs and sauna etc.line the busy streets.These places are massed in the area of Jiangjun Temple,Liuyi Lu and DongJie Kou.The Hot Springs are a feature of Fuzhou,and are scattered around the Hot Spring Hotel.Air force No.1(Address:No.256,Liuyi Bei Lu)is […]

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Three Treasures of Fuzhou

Lacquer-These products include decorative screens,vases,tea services,smoking sets and stationery etc.Stone Sculptures-Rocks from Mt.Shou are fashioned into seals,vases,stationery,characters,landscapes and flowers etc. Cork Pictures-Cork is used to make hanging screens,folding screens anddecorative articles depicting landscapes,characters,animals and birds. 0x Horn Comb-Comb carved from horn.Horn combs are made of keratin which is very good for the scalp and which […]

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Fuzhou Ancient City

Fuzhou is an ancient city with a history of more than 2100 years.It is one of the fourteen open coastal cities in China.Situated by the East Sea and in the lower reaches of the Min River,this area of 12153 square kilometres is populated with 5.83 million people.The city tree is Banyan.Jasmine flower is known as […]

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