Kaifeng Souvenirs

Market time is fantastic fun and the visual spectacle includes lingerie strung on clothes lines between trees and belts cut to measure from a sheet of leather on the spot. Try to find samples of Kaifeng embroidery,called bian xiu .If you’re lucky,you’ll find pieces depicting legendary personalities and assorted paintings.Prices range from a few Yuan […]

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Kaifeng Food Restaurants

Succumb to your midnight cravings.Everyone else you’ve met earlier today when you toured the city is probably at Drum Tower Square(gulou guangchang)having supper. This is also the site of Kaifeng’s famed Drum Tower night market.Several wooden restaurants and shops line the people-packed walkways.Any street stall crammed onto the sidewalk is a good bet for a […]

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Beyond The City Walls

Southeast of the city,some 2 miles(3 km)from the Xiangguo Temple is the Terrace of King Yu(yiwang toi),named after Yu the Great(Da yu),the tamer of floods. According to legend,this sage-king sought shelter here while battling the Yellow River anc several steles commemorate his feats.There’s a temple on the terrace called the Temple of King Yu(yuwing miao).The […]

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Kaifeng,the Forgotten Capital

On the southern bank of the Yellow River,the ancient city of Kaifeng has withstood natural disasters,invasions and time. Replica Song dnasty buildings in aodern Raifeng. Since 361 BC Kaifeng’s city walls have shielded early kingdoms and dynasties from northern invaders.The city’s fortunes reached a zenith during the cosmopolitan Song dynasty-this period distinguished Kaifeng as one […]

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Youguo Pagoda

Youguo Pagoda, also called Kaifeng Iron Tower, is a Buddhist pagoda built during the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 1049), and is located in Youguo Temple in the northeast of Kaifeng City. It is the oldest coloured glaze pagoda existing in China. With an octagonal base structure and thirteen storeys, the pagoda is still standing, although […]

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