Unraveling Yangshuo

There is plenty au naturel to see in Yangshuo:karst peaks,plains and villages. Fortunately,Yangshuo’s many pretty sights are incredibly well-connected.Rent a bike for a day from one of the many bicycle rental shops in Yangshuo and drink in the sights as you arst nountains and rustic views along the Li River’s breathtaking scenery. A leisurely 30-minute […]

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Yangshuo’s Charmed Existence

Just over an hour south of Guilin,Yangshuo,with its natural scenery and laid back air,is a great escape from the gray and pollution of China’s big cities. The town of Yangshuo is a backpacker’s paradise.Quirky souvenir shops and essential services like internet cafe telecom services,food guzzling corners and pharmacies abound. Yangshuo town has flourished so swiftly […]

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TraveLing Along The Li River

The charming Li River,one of the major attractions of the Guilin/Yangshuo region,has been described as“a green silk ribbon with hills like jade hairpins”and is ideal for exploration on a boat.The meandering 40 mile(65 km)cruise lasts 5 hours and takes you past a panorama of bamboo groves,sleepy villages,karst peaks and fisherman on rickety bamboo rafts fishing […]

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Guilin Scenery

Situated in the northeast ofGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and on the west bank of the Lijing River,Guilin is a beautiful city with a history of around 2,000 years.Famed for scenery unparalleled in China’s vast land,Guilin’s landscape features green hills,clear waters,pretty rocks and grotesque caves.The main scenic spots in the city include the Elephant Trunk Hill,Folded […]

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1.A Brieflntroduction Guilin is a beautiful city with green hills,clear waters,pretty rocks and grotesque caves. 2.Elephant Trunk Hill It is said that the Emperor of Heaven stabbed?the elephant in the back as it was drinking from the river. 3.Reed Flute Cave Reed Flute Cave is the most magnificent cave in Guilin.The cave is called an”Art […]

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