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Traditional Decoration Art and Zhaoxigang’s New Paper-cut Art

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In the new paper-cut art creation, the author fully exhibits the works of modern art spirit with national culture meaning depending on the genuine art characteristics and distinctive artistic features of Chinese paper-cut, as well as the unique tool, technology and other means of expression of paper-cut art. More importantly, the visualthinking mode, aesthetic concept and expression way of modern people could be used. These art works are the author’s achievement that they make efforts to explore. They make some practical art, and have achieved a certain artistic effect through deeply artistic, concentrated, comparative study and research on China traditional decoration art and modern design art.

The charm and wit of tradition

Zhaoxigang apply a mass of visual language factors of ethnic traditional art into Zhaoxigang’s artistic creation, actively give hiswn visual artistic creation national decorative art connotation, and give people with distinctive art spirit of ethnic style and aesthetic artistictaste. The forms of language include equilibrium, symmetry, completeness, false and true, emotional exaggeration, interaction between Yin and Yang, intertwined movement and quite, amiable and simple, etc. Here, there are the abstract, forthright, natural painted pottery art symbols in periodof primitive society, the flourishing,orderly, ferocious chase of bronze art in Shang and Zhou Dynasties and the Warring States Period, the dignified, straightforward, plane portrait stone and stone carving art in Han Dynasty, and the romantic, colorful decorative fresco in the Wei-Jin South-NorthPeriod, and the fashionable plump, prosperous, and the grandeur style of art in the Tang Dynasty, the fashionable fresh, free and easy, interesting life of art in Song Dynasty, and the childlike and gorgeous palace art since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and all these lead position of the traditional arts in different historical periods to show the unique cultural characteristics, which is formed bythe combination of time beauty and national art tone in different historical periods. Systematically comb of the spiritual skeleton of Chinese nation traditional culture and art spirit, comprehensively understand the essence of traditional culture and art, deeply grasp several interested forms and content among it, make more deep exploration and boldly apply in his new paper-cut art creation in order to obtain new ideas, new direction of innovated development.

Zhaoxigang’s new paper-cut art creation, based on exploring traditional crafts creation, makes research on the charm and wit of traditional art and the beauty of art from a deeper level.

In the activities of studying the charm and wit of tradition and creating the new paper-cut art, Zhaoxigang pay more attention to study the primitive imagery and abstract beauty of the pottery pattern;Zhaoxigang pay attention to study the beauty of boldness and forthright and the incised and raised carving forms of Han Dynasty stone carving; Zhaoxigang focus on learning the beauty of the comparison of magnificent beauty and elegant beauty of painted decorations in Tang and Song Dynasties;Zhaoxigang focus on learning the beauty of the comparison brought by the paralleled development of folk simplicity and palatial gorgeousness since Ming and Qing Dynasties. In artistic creation, Iconsciously boldly apply the language artistic conception of traditional Chinese painting freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting and fine brushwork into Zhaoxigang’s artistic creation.

The freehand brushwork of Chinese painting pursues the “spirit likeness”interest of artistic image, using merry and lively writing to expose the romantic emotions on the paper, while the fine brushwork pursues the flowing beauty of artistic conception, which shows a unique artistic aesthetic feeling of the oriental art.

The above various complementary traditional art expression is used for reference and gets infused in Zhaoxigang’s new paper-cut art creation consciously.

The creation of Zhaoxigang’s works is expressed in the communication between nature and decoration. Using the artistic exaggeration expresses his understanding and comprehension of”beauty of harmony”,”beauty of freehand brushwork”,”beauty of decoration”, and Zhaoxigang give his works the “ideal beauty”with positive romantic color. The representative works include The Flower Series of Lilacs, The Flower Series of Scarlet Sage and so on.

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