Lugu lake: Exotic Oriental land of Daughters

Lugu Lake, 200 kilometers from the city center of Lijiang, Yunnan, resembles a sparkling jewel nestled in the high plateau among the many mountains of western Yunnan Living among the unsurpassed beauty of the lake and mountains live the mosuo people, one of the few peoples in the world still living in a matriarchal society. […]

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Lijiang Souvenirs

Much of the souvenirs available in Lijiang are related to the ethnic groups that populate the area.Hot items include copperware,leather and fur goods,carpets and rugs,and painted scrolls with poems written in calligraphy.Yunnan is also known for its flora and fauna,many of which are used in teas or medicines.The cryptic Yunnan White Power(yunnan baiyao),also known as“Hundred […]

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Lijiang Food Restaurants

Lijiang cuisine is a blend of Han Chinese and Tibetan styles.Charming hole-in-the-wallstreet outlets offer delicious baba any time of the day.Best eaten in the mornings,this thick flatbread of wheat-served plain or stuffed with vegetables,meat,lard,extracted ham cubes or condiments such as sugar mixed with pure mountain water,heated over a slow fire on a flat frying pan-is […]

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Festivals in Lijiang

At an altitude of over 6,560 feet(2,000 m),the weather is pleasant all year round. But bring something warm in case you climb the highlands or feel chilly at night.Winters are a little chilly while summers bring the most visitors;this means spring and autumn are the best times to visit.Many of the cafe also provide tour […]

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The Protected Areas of Three Parallel Rivers

This scenic area is in northwestern Yunnan Province,covering the threeprefectures of Diqing,Nujiang,and Lijiang,including,specifically,Deqin County,Lisu Autonomous County of Weixi,Shangri La County,Derung-NuAutonomous County of Gongshan,Fugong County.Lushui County,Bai-Pumi Autonomous County of Lanping,and the northwestern part of Naxi Autono-mous County of Yulong.It borders with Burma in the west,whereas neigh-boring with Sichuan and Tibet in the north.With a total area […]

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