Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty

Nestled by Yanshan Mountain to the north and Bohai Sea to the south, Tangshan is located in the only way from central China to northeast China.A section of the Great Wall is located in Tangshan, onthe south slope of Yanshan Mountain, and extends from east to northwest along the ridge as the northern barrier protecting […]

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Dingdong Mausoleum

Located to the east of Dingling, Emperor Xianfeng’s mausoleum, in Dingdong Mausoleum Dowager Empress Ci’ an and Dowager Empress Cixi are buried. The mausoleum was started in 1873 and completed in 1879, and each graveyard has a construction area of 2,265 square meters. Dowager Empress Ci’ an and Cixi are popularly known as Eastern Dowager […]

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Jingjue Temple and Sea shore

Jingjue Temple Crowned No.1 Temple of East Beijing, Jingjue Temple is located in Yutian County, originally built in the Tang Dynasty and rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty and came to its peak in the reign of EmperorDaoguang. It is the only well-preserved large temple complex and Grade AA A tourist spot in Tangshan. The architecture […]

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Mysterious Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty

The Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty is among the first batch of protected national cultural relics of the new China. It was inscribed on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO on November30,2000, and rated as a Grade AAAA tourist scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration in 2001. The surrounding mountains and rivers […]

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Scenery spots in Tangshan

History can add value to a city. The reputation of a city is not only subject to modern construction, but also its heritage. Cultural cities generally have strong historical atmosphere, profound culture and places of interests are the business card and the most attractive signboard of the city. Tangshan has a long history. As early […]

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