Jing’an Sanzhualun National Model Forest Park

This is Jing’an Sanzhualun National Model Forest Park,one of the well-known scenic spots in Jiangxi.Sanzhualun is the only national model forest park within Jiangxi Province,AAA grade national scenic area and the provincial tourist attraction.It lies in Jing’an County,84 kilometers away from Nanchang City. The park consists of Kuangzhong Garden,Luojiaping Scenic Area,Baofeng Scenic Area and Panlong […]

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Memorial Hall of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising

Welcome to Nanchang,the Heroic City!Today we are visiting the Memorial Hall of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising.It was one of the most important uprisings in Chinese revolutionary history,because it marked the beginning of the armed struggle against the Kuomin Tang reactionaries,which is led by the Communist Party.On that day the people’s army was born,so August […]

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Badashanren Memorial Hall

Badashanren Memorial Hall,a monastery in the ancient times, is situated in the southern outskirts of Nanchang City, about 8 kilometers away from the downtown. It is said that over 2,500 years ago, Prince Jin of the Zhou Dynasty came here and set up a house to make pills of immortality. In the end of the […]

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Brief Introduction to Nanchang Tourism

Nanchang is a beautiful capital city. It is also a city bordering a river,a green city, an ecological city with first-class air and water of good quality. Rivers run through the city and lakes spread about in the city. There are four lakes within and around the city, which forms the unique scenery for Nanchang: […]

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Meiling Scenic Area

Welcome to Meiling!Meiling is situated in the Wangli District of Nanchang.It was originally called Feihong Hill. It is an offshoot of Mount Jiuling and the landscape here is very quiet and beautiful.In the Western Han Dynasty,Mei Fu,the magistrate of Nanchang County,gave up his official position and renounced the world on the hill.People renamed it Meiling […]

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