“Chinese Musical Instruments Exposition” in South Africa

Chinese musical instruments serve as an important bridge for cultural exchange. In ancient times, Chinese instruments were directly introduced to neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea, exerting a posi-tive influence on the development of music in these cultures. Since the establishment ofthe People’s Repub-lic of China, China has sent numerous cultural delegations and musicians […]

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Chinese National Orchestra in Vienna

The yangqin (hammered dulcimer), one of the few Chinese hammered string instruments, was first improved in 1953. At that time, musical innovator Zhang Zirui radically redesigned the small two-octave folk yangqin, enlarging the resonating body, improving the tone and tuning method, and increasing the volume to create the “naturally tempered” yangqin. Most importantly, he incorporated […]

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Large and small ruan (round lutes)

With China’s economic reforms and the general rise in the standard of living, China’s music industry has experienced vigorous growth, and the level of cultural refinement has reached new heights. Over the last 50 years, China’s composers, performers, and instrument makers have carried out a campaign to reform traditional Chinese musical instruments, imbuing them with […]

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Taking the world stage: Chinese musical instruments look to the future

China’s musical instruments, with a history reaching back to the remote past, are a priceless resource created not just by the Chinese people, but by the entire human family. The pipa (lute), widely used in tra-ditional Chinese music, originated in the ancient Fertile Crescent of the Middle East, entering China during the Han-Wei period (202 […]

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Yangqin (hammered dulcimer)

There are three strings, the outer two tuned an octave apart and the middle one tuned to a fourth or a fifth. The instrument has a range of three octaves. The left hand presses the strings against the neck, while the right hand plucks the strings, using the fingers or a pick. The tone is […]

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