Hulunbeier Grassland,Blue Sky,WhitnClouds,and the Prairie

The beauty of Hulunbeier Grassland is vividly described in the Chinese poem”The skyis blue and the grassland is boundless;when thegrass bows in the wind.horses and sheep appear inyour eyes.”As one of the most beautiful and fertilegrasslands.Hulunbeier Grassland is undoubtedly a jadein North China on the cockscomb of the rooster-likeChina map. Covering an area of over […]

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The Green Grasslands

Situated in the northeast area of Inner Mongolia,Hulunbuir Borders Daxing’anling to the west and gets its name from Hulun Lake and Buir Lake. Thousands of streams stretching in all directions nourished Hulunbuir Grassland.The green grasslands are dotted  with colorful flowers in the summer,with birds enjoying the freedom of flying in the sky.Cattle and sheep are […]

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