Maogong Mountain

Literally,Maogong means Grandpa Mao Zedong,who is the great leader of China.Mao Zedong was born in Xiangtan City,Hunan Province in 1893,and died in Beijing in 1976.He is a revolutionist,a strategist,a theoretician and a poet.He is the main builder and leader of Chinese Communist Party,the Chinese People’s Liberation Army,and the People’s Republic of China.He led the Chinese […]

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Limushan National Forest Park

It is known to us the climate in Hainan is of the tropical monsoon and tropical ocean type.It is hot and warm all the year round with plenty ofrainfalls.Hainan has abundant sunshine,warmth and water.More than thirty thousand species of living organisms have been detected in the province,accounting for 10 percent of China’s total.Thanks to its […]

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Qixianling National Hot Spring&Forest Park

You may have heard about the flourish tropical forest here,but,do you know the special springwater here?Well,next,we will go to Qixianling National Hot Spring&Forest Park.In the park,you can see wonderful tropical rainforest while enjoying the wild spring water. Qixianling National Spring & Forest Park is located in the northeast side of Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous […]

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Jianfengling National Forest Par

I believe many of us will emerge in your mind the pictures of boundless ocean,blue sky,soft beaches and coconut trees when we refer to Hainan Island.It’s beyond our imaginations that the nature also endows Hainan Island with unique and valuable tropical forest resources.Today,we are going to visit Jianfengling National Forest Park and I d like […]

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Wanquan Lake Tourism Zone

The wide Wanquan Lake gathers the water of the Wanquan River and thousands of springs and streams that drift a long and arduous journey from mountains. There are numerous islets and special stones in the tourism area. In addition, on the lakeside are primitive tropical forestsand villages, lived by Li and Miao minority people for […]

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