Kunming Souvenirs

Local specialties include embroidery,cloth(cotton and hemp)clothing and decorative pieces;ethnic minority handicrafts are available most places.Beautiful goods include embroidered clothing and home decorations such as tablecloths,pillow covers and large embroidered batik blue and white cloths that can be made into bed covers or used as wall hangings.There are also many different kinds of clothing if the […]

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Kunming Food Restaurants

Food in Yunnan,as everywhere in China,is as varied as the local ingredients.Yunnan’s diverse environment,from mountains in the west to subtropical forests in the south,inspires an extremely palatable,although strange range of dishes.True to Chinese style,the thousands of varieties of plants and animals are well represented in cooki Cross-the-bridge noodles(guoqiao mixian )are prepared at the table by […]

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Yunnan Ethnic Villages

Yunnan Ethnic Villages,situated six kilometers south of Kunming,is a 2000 mu theme park bordering on the south by the Dianchi Lake and on the west by the famous Western Mountains Scenic Area. The famous historical and cultural city of Kunming is in the north of the villages.Each of the 26 ethnic peoples of Yunnan will […]

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Nightlife of Kunming

As well as offering a wide variety of places to visit during the day,Kunming has a vibrant night life.As darkness falls a whole new range of interests await you. For those people resident in Kunming who is enthusiastic about nightlife,Kundu night market will be the most familiar to them.It is a place that concentrates on […]

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Shopping of Kunming

Kunming offers many local products.The interaction of different cultures,religions and colorful lifestyles offers visitors so much to see and buy.It is an ideal place to find local products and souvenirs of your trip to Yunnan. Kunming is famous for local handiwork including ivory and woodcarving,Dai Jin(brocade made by Dai artisans),and Dai Zhu Bian(Dai bamboo basketry). […]

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