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Dream of Tiger Spring

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Dream of Tiger Spring is situated at the foot of Daci Hill.Because the water in Tiger Spring is very pure,”Tiger Spring water”as well as“Longjing Green Tea”are the two uniquenesses of the West Lake.There is a famous legend about Tiger Spring.It is said that in the Yuanhe(reign of the Tang Dynasty there was a monk named Xingkong who lived there.He was about to move to another place because there was no water.Just at the night before he left,he had a dream.In the dream,an immortal told him that two tigers would move a spring here.After he woke up the next morning,he did see water come up from the underground like two tigers digging the ground Therefore,the spring was named Tiger Spring from then on.

Except for Tiger Spring,other major attractions of this area include Tiger Spring Temple,Tiger Status,Luxuriant Green Cliff,Hall of Jigong Monk,and so forth.”Dream of Tiger Spring”is featuring the springs.Along the foot of the hill,there is a streamlet flowing.It is a pleasant experience to listen to the spring there.Moreover,it will be an unforgettable experience to enjoy a cup of Longjing Green Tea brewed in Tiger Spring water.

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