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Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village

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In Hangzhou,Zhe jiang Province,there is a famous place called Manjuelong,commonly known as Manjialong.This place is rich in osmanthus and is a well-known scenic spot for appreciating osmanthus of the West Lake.During the Anti-Japanese War,many osmanthus trees were cut down,with only several old osmanthus trees left in Manjialong.Then,after 1950,a new batch of osmanthus trees were planted Thus,around 1955,the number of trees amounted to ten thousands.Among those trees,the oldest one is about 200 years old.

As for the species of osmanthus,there is golden osmanthus,silver osmanthus,red osmanthus,four-season osmanthus,etc.The flower of osmanthus is very small but large in quantity.The osmanthus blossoms around the Mid-Autumn Festival every year.Its fragrance can float far away,leaving a deep impression on people’s mind.People in Hangzhou like osmanthus very much and it became the city flower in 1983.

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