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Hangzhou Food Restaurants

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Hangzhou cuisine is defined as being light, fresh and sweet typical fare found south of the Yangtze River, an area called Jiangnan. Little oil, loads of fresh fruit and fish;carp, eel, shrimp and crabs an extra teaspoon of sugar and bamboo shoots.


“Every time I come to Hangzhou I feel relaxed. I really don’t like living in Shanghai and want to move here, maybe get small house with a view of the lake.such a relief to come and shon Feeling.

“It’s such a relief to come and shop here without the crowds. The lake and the people give me a special feeling, impossible to put into words. I have visited Hangzhou since I was a child. I feel a deep connection. That’s why I visit on the weeke nice snack is xianrou xiaolong),mini- meat buns that are steamed in bamboo baskets; be careful eating them they’re juicy. A local specialty is sweet and sour West Lake carp(xihu cuyu); watch out for the bones though, crispy tofu treat is ganzha xiangling which is similar to spring rollground meat is wrapped with a slice of dried tofu then deep fried. Fresh river shrimp with Dragon Well tea (longjing xiaren) combines two local specialties into one very unique dish. good dish for those who aren’t afraid of their cholesterol count is Dongpo pork (dongpo rou). The dish is named after Su Dongpo, poet and former governor of Hangzhou who created this dish for the laborers who expanded West Lake. A rich dark sauce onions, ginger and chunks of succulent fatty meat defines the dish. Sister Song’s fish broth (songsao yugeng) is made from recipe dating back to the Song dynasty, it calls for skinned fish with slivers of ham, dried mushrooms, scallion, egg yolk, ginger seasoned with rice wine and vinegar.

Water villages dot thrn China.


 Hao Yang Guang Dajiudian

158 Tianmu shan Lu

 10 am to 10: 30 pm

 Jiangnan Honglou

 53-4 Hefang Jie, Shangcheng District


 Famous for its ganshao yutou which made from fish head, and jiaoma ji

 which made from chicken.

 87 Siyanjing, Xiaman Juelong Lu, Xihu District

 Louwailou Restaurant

Specializes in classic Hangzhou cuisine such as sweet and sour West Lake carp, shrimp with Dragon Well tea, Sister Song’s fish broth.

30 Gushan Lu

10 am to 10: 30 pm

Waipojia Restaurant

6-1 Macheng Lu

10 am to 10: 30 pm

Wang Runxing

Established in1940s, famous for its tofu with fish head(yutou doufu.

101-03 Hefang Jie

10 am to 10: 30 pm

barge floats its way through modern Hangzhou.

Zhangsheng Ji

Specializes in bamboo duck.

33 Shuangling Lu

10 am to 10: 30 pm

Zhuang Yuan Guan

Established during the Qing dynasty, famous for its Ningbo dishes.

85 Hefang Jie

10 am to 10: 30 pm

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