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Hangzhou Souvenirs

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As one of the top tourist draws in all of China, Hangzhou seems like one giant shopping haven, but few venues stand out. Hit the Wulin Lu(wulin lu zhuang jie) in the heart of downtown if you want to shop till you drop over 200 clothing stores line the square. Tiyuchang Lu offers big stores and nearby publishing houses. Fenqi Lu specializes in smaller stores for bags, shoes, suitcases and silk and satin.

Qinghefang old Street(qinghe fang fanggu jie) was once center of commerce during the Southern Song dynasty. Today it’s been restored to its former glory and is a good place to load up on snacks. Xihutiandi is for those looking for something upscale. Wushan Lu is a nick up some antique and replica pieces. Dragon Well tea1ongjing cha) is Hangzhou specialty, this green tea is famous throughout China a and its fame is reflected in its price. The city is also known for its painted fans. Wangxingji ( is one of the most famous stores selling these exquisite fans they’ve been selling them for hundreds of years. Prices range from RMB 60 to 70 for paper fans, while silks ones can cost much more. Hangzhou’s silk parasols are legendary for their artistry. Framed by bamboo and covered with silk, it was the sun-blocking device of choice for ancient beauties.Silk parasol costs around RMB 100.

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