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Small-Mouth Pot

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He small-mouth pot was one of the typical vessels of the mid period of Jinsha. It has a small mouth, long neck, and an asymmetric belly with a round side and flat side, and its bottom is round. Such pots have been previously unearthed from the Shuiguanyin site of Xinfan in the Chengdu Plain and the Baoshan site of Chenggu in the Hanzhong Basin in southern Shaanxi Province. As a matter of fact, some researchers said ancient people might have carried such pots on their backs to fetch water. But as such pots from Jinsha are much smaller than their counterparts from Dawenkou, researchers wondered whether they were also used that way. In the Baoshan site in southern Shaanxi archaeologists also unearthed other cups with a pointed bottom, which were typical of the ancient Shu culture of Jinsha. Researchers therefore assumed that in the Shang and Zhou dynasties the two regio regions had close contacts, and the small-mouth pot of Jinsha might have come from southern Shaanxi.

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